Flights of Fancy

Blue Jay on Wheels by Mullanium

Sometimes I wonder whether the attraction to birds is universal.  Based on bird watcher statistics I would lean toward a “yes”.  Is it the colorful plumage that so attracts us?  The cheery tweets and chatters?  The flamboyant beaks, wattles, crests and tails?  Or is it just that anthropomorphically curious tilt of the head?

Goldfinch on Brass and Black Binoculars, Mullanium

Award winning artists Jim and Tori Mullan combine a lifelong fascinating with nature, jewelry, clockworks and mechanics into a range of playful birds, boxes and baubles.  Wood carved bird decoys became the model for assemblages using antique toys, scientific instruments and bits and pieces of clocks and bricabrac.  The final results give new personality to recycling, offering up Centurion Ravens, Mercurial Mountain Warblers, and Monocled Goldfinches.

Although there isn’t exact the same startling parity I found in other posts,  it was fun to try and find mates for the Mullanium creations from among our collection of Birds of the Day!

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