Everywhere you go in India, even cities considered ‘modern’ by today’s standards, there are relics of the past. Architecture, attire, animals walking through the street. In Cochin, one of Kerala’s biggest cities, locals don’t even look twice if an elephant walks down the street – the same street with IT parks and shopping malls on it. When I was walking towards the ferry landing for a brief exploration of the outlying parts of town, I heard a sound out of the past – a man on the pavement, singing along to his music box. He wasn’t doing it for his own pleasure – many younger Indians blast their Bollywood tunes to their heart’s content, to the dismay of anyone within listening range (and significantly beyond). The tin bowl before him was clearly not what he ate breakfast out of; I decided that photographing him without compensation might be a bit rude, as he was actually putting effort into his show. I dropped some change in and shot away, although he never looked up.

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