Perspective’s The Thing

The first day of the Chinese new year offered the opportunity to reflect on commitment and the second offers something randomly different from the same source.  Click the image to the left for the bio of Douglas Coupland, an artist whose work seems worth seeking out:

What’s both eerie and interesting to me about déja vus is that they occur almost like metronomes throughout our lives, about one every six months, a poetic timekeeping device that, at the very least, reminds us we are alive. I can safely assume that my thirteen year old niece, Stephen Hawking and someone working in a Beijing luggage-making factory each experience two déja vus a year. Not one. Not three. Two.

The comments of this man are about a quarter of the way down here, so scroll to it.  I had not heard of him before (whereas the fellow highlighted in the previous post was actually a professor at Cornell University when I began my graduate work there, so the small “degrees of separation” probably reeled me in more readily) but about anyone who can so concisely communicate the difference between déja vu and coincidence, and bring to my attention a pattern with the former, I say wow.

I also like the idea that a professor–father of a growing scientific field, no less–and an artist can share the same space and be equally riveting.  Thank you Edge.

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