Pied Paddy Skimmer, Revisited

A few days ago while walking around Kumily, I saw one of Kerala’s more common species of dragonfly, Neurothemis tullia. Having written about the species before, I didn’t photograph it as usual, until I realized I had a new accessory on my person. The reverse lens adapter is a brilliant money saver, and while not quite as powerful or versatile as a macro lens, costs close to 50 times less than a new lens. Using the final technique described here, the adapter basically replaces the duct tape and allows for much steadier hands. Focusing is still very difficult, and the focal plane is usually limited to under a centimeter, but this often allows for very unusual and abstract images. Such as this young female Pied Paddy Skimmer:


Other subjects are just as enticing – although finding ones on which the technique works is frustrating. It does allow for a great deal of creativity, and the extreme magnification allows for new and unusual perspectives.  Shown below is a small flower, only about an inch tall.

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