Stars Shine, Colors Flow

Some pieces of art are so iconic and powerful it is difficult to imagine any interpretation or alteration that wouldn’t result in angry outcries.  (The cleaning of the Sistine Chapel ceilings is a case in point.)  The piece below, created by Greek artist Petros Vrellis successfully balances reverence and imagination.

Created with openFrameworks, an open source C++ software, (itself a tribute to interpretation and imagination) the piece uses

a touch interface [that] allows a viewer to deform the image, altering both the flow of the particles and the synthesized sound, and then watch it slowly return to its original state. The sound itself is created using a MIDI interface to create a soft ambient tone out of the movement of the fluid that underscores the soft movement. Beauty through simplicity at its finest and most playful.

I don’t presume to understand the technical meaning of that, but the spirit of creativity is crystal clear.

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