Funny Macaques (Bonnet Macaque)

Bonnet macaques are found only in South India, occupying wet lowland to dry deciduous forest, up to a height of 2100 m. They are usually quite sociable and are seen mostly in groups.

This photograph was taken near Kumily close to the lower Camp road side by Mr. Shaji. Bonnet macaques of this area mostly seem to be waiting for travelers passing by in hopes of getting some food or fruits from them. Visitors usually feed them to watch the macaques eat and their funny facial expressions, but actually this is a mistake for both animals and people, and should be discouraged.

Additionally macaques can be found near temples. The pilgrims who bring offerings of food give some to this animal. In some of the villages, the people believe that the macaque is the avatar of Lord Hanuman, the Hindu Monkey God.

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