August 22, A Big Day For Tigers

Click the headline above to go to the story, in advance of tomorrow’s ruling in India about a controversial ban.  These issues are at the core of the entrepreneurial conservation concept:

“If the ban on tourism continues, it will be the end of the tiger in India,” he said. “We’re the ones who put energy into tracking them. We deter poachers. Tourists are only allowed in the park for six hours every day, but we guides take it in turns to patrol the park from sunrise to sunset. Voluntarily.”

Belinda Wright, executive director of the Wildlife Protection Society of India, based in New Delhi, said a tourist ban would be a “total disaster”.

Stressing she was pro-tiger rather than pro-tourist, she said: “There is no way the forestry department alone can protect tigers from poachers and local encroachment on the land.”

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