Young Explorers

I recently discovered that National Geographic offers grants to researchers, conservationists, and explorers between 18 and 25 years old to pursue projects around the world in archaeology, filmmaking, biology, adventure, and exploration, to name a few fields. These Young Explorers Grants, which generally range between $2000 and $5000, can often be a perfect catalyst for more or future funding for people trying to fulfill a lifelong research dream or experiment with a concrete fieldwork idea — after all, having National Geographic’s name on your list of supporters is pretty impressive, and a sign of great potential!

This morning, I attended a workshop given by several members of the National Geographic team hosted by Cornell University and sponsored by the Lab of Ornithology, The North Face, and other groups, which gave an overview of NatGeo’s mission as well as quite specific examples of research possibilities from past and current Young Explorer Grantees.In smaller break-out groups, we had a great Q&A session and a wonderful opportunity to bounce ideas off the workshop committee members by pitching field project ideas and networking for connections in different areas of study. I really enjoyed being able to discuss ideas with my peers, who were interested in topics like tiger conservation in Siberia, amphibian chytrid research, Amazonian tribal relations, and Haitian reforestation.

I look forward to one day applying for one of these grants — now I have to rush off to watch a presentation by two recipients of the very same grant program! The embedded video is a fantastic preview of the show to come.

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