Washington D.C.’s Green Carpet

When our new contributor ÉA Marzate wrote about a recent film festival it had the added benefit of providing the incentive to explore similar festivals worldwide. I’d nearly missed the DC Environmental Film Fest, which boasted documentaries that overlapped with those screened in Paris as well as some that touch a direct personal chord with RAXA Collective. (As I live in India, I use the word “missed” figuratively of course!)

I’m referring to the U.S. Premier of the 2012 BBC film Lonesome George and the Battle for the Galapagos.

The last individual of the Pinta Island giant tortoise, George died in June 2012. In the Galapagos his image is as iconic as the WWF panda, and he continues to be an important symbol of the battle to preserve the unique wildlife of the islands.The film is both the personal story of Lonesome George and of the local characters who have the will to defend their unique tropical paradise. 

During the past decade members of our collective have had various levels of encounters with George. Even posthumously he remains a powerful reminder of  the need for conservation and habitat renewal.

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