Entrepreneurial Conservation Through Carbon Visualization

Thanks to the University of Washington’s magazine Conservation, we found our way to this video, and the magazine’s blurb about the source of the video is a worthy introduction because of its explanations of the images that accompany:

For Antony Turner, pictures make a story come alive—and in the climate change story, one of the main characters is invisible. In 2009, together with artist/scientist Adam Nieman, he founded Carbon Visuals to help people “see” the carbon dioxide that’s trapping heat in Earth’s atmosphere. Their strategy: Transform the mass (tons and gigatons) of carbon dioxide emissions we hear about so much into volumetric representations and then show them as 3-D shapes in familiar landscapes. Carbon Visuals has worked with governments, schools, corporations, and others to help them make sense of carbon footprints, comparisons, and sequestration targets. Changing the trajectory of the climate story, Turner believes, starts with getting the antagonist in our sights.

The source of the video, of course, is the source of the images. Their tag line is a good starting point on their website:

Look at carbon differently

Making carbon visible by creating engaging images, animations and web tools.

Their statement of mission, very much in the spirit of entrepreneurial conservation, is brief, to the point, and allows you to see what others see in them:

Carbon Visuals is a business dedicated to helping everyone better understand carbon emissions. Through images and animation we draw attention to the causes of climate change rather than the effects. Our clients use our graphics in sales presentations, social media, staff engagement campaigns, academic reports and policy events.

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