Be, Cause (Simon Pearce)

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He is an entrepreneur, so we find him interesting.  As with some other entrepreneurs featured on this podcast, we find him more interesting because of a higher calling in his business model.  He starts with excellence as defined by a few keywords–simplicity, quality, clarity, individuality, functionality–but he clearly cares about family and others outside his business. We find him most interesting because Simon Pearce contributes to the common good.  It is these ethics, not revealed directly in the From Scratch interview, but visible (though not “in your face” visible) on his company’s website, that make him worthy of more attention:

KP LoveYourBrain Bowl

Simon Pearce will DONATE 100% of THE PROFITS from the sales of the KP LoveYourBrain Bowl to the Kevin Pearce Fund.

Many people have asked how they can get involved and make a difference for others. Simon Pearce designed a glass bowl to help make meaningful connections.

Pia Pearce, Kevin’s mother and co-founder of Simon Pearce along with her husband Simon, says that the KP LoveYourBrain Bowl was designed to inspire others to support this worthy mission and to give back to a community who stood by them throughout the journey. “As close as our family is, we could not have gotten through this without the many people around the world who reached out with their support and personal stories,” says Pia. “So in return, we’re doing what we do best: making glass that people enjoy…and in the process we hope to raise money to assist others in similar challenging situations.”

When you purchase a KP LoveYourBrain Bowl, Simon Pearce will donate 100% of the profits to the Kevin Pearce Fund.

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