What Else is Out There?

Thanks to the World Wildlife Fund, 441 new species of plants and animals have been discovered in the Amazonian rainforest, including a truly bizarre looking monkey that apparently purrs like a cat when content, as well as a… vegetarian piranha.


Newly discovered Titi Monkey. Photo Courtesy World Wildlife Fund

It is a good feeling in any naturalist’s gut, amateur or professional, too know that undiscovered species still remain in today’s world — where technology and advancements in various facets of our lives thanks to 21st century progressivism don’t leave much to the imagination; it seems as though the mystique of discovery still remains just as true to many of us as it did when we were children. Unfortunately this is not the case for absolutely everyone, but for those who are still amazed by the world, discoveries such as this are a blessing.

Whenever I talk to someone and the discussion of wildlife comes up, I somehow always lead the conversation towards the ocean; my desire is always to try and convey how I perceive the ocean: as a vast incomprehensibly massive vat of discovery that houses the most extraordinary organisms you could ever imagine. Yet, I never feel able to completely convert such a grandiose feeling into words that others can comprehend — nonetheless, it is important, in my opinion, that we nourish these feelings of reverence and continue to support those that would discover and learn more.

Whether or not it is the ocean, rain forests, deserts, temperate forests, tundras, or any other ecosystem on earth, we will never know how many species have yet to be discovered. The joy is in the journey, and the journey is never ending.

Read more about the recently discovered species here and here.


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