Tea and Conversation

Credit: Ea Marzarte

As I wrote about in my last post, my current project is documenting the conservation story of RAXA Collective. Yesterday we were driving up to the Cardamom County property in Thekkady from Spice Harbor in Cochin. I’m used to the busy main “highway” but this time we took a different route. It was through Vagamon, which is this lush, green landscape with waterfalls and not many cars on the road. We drove through tea plantations. Driving through the tea plantations with all the greenery and fog kind of enchanted me into this quiet, contemplative space.

In order to document the conservation story, I have been asking Crist questions whenever we have time to sit down about the business model of projects they’ve worked on. While driving through the tea, we had plenty of time for this conversation.

The landscape and the conservation seemed to pull me within, pointing out the shape and feeling of an idea. I don’t know what it will end up being, but I can feel the progress and formation of something. This shape seems to be magnetizing key words and planting them like seeds. I am inspired by the idea of creating a business model that funds environmental and cultural conservation. 

In the past, I’ve had dreams of somehow building a business model that supports creating community around sustainable city living somehow funded by providing local food production and local economic activity. This is a vast idea and the specifics of how that might show up are unformed and evolving. The conversation seemed to be pointing to a path that I’ve been on for a while now, I just needed words to describe it.

Being a Liberal Arts student, I’ve been given the freedom to take classes in policy, history, culture, philosophy, science, etc. and thus specificity has not been as important as tasting everything. Right now, I feel my time at RAXA helping me make progress in getting specific about what kind of career path I want to take.


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