A House For and By the People

This Swedish house was designed by two million people. PHOTO: Tech Insider

This Swedish house was designed by two million people. PHOTO: Hemnet

Technology and democracy – two great forces to reckon with in today’s world. And when these two come together, it exemplifies what community of thought and the powers and possibilities of science can do. Take the Hemnet House. Designed collaboratively by 2 million people (the population size of Jamaica, Latvia, Slovenia and more), the house stands for the greatest tenet of democracy – for the people, by the people.

Between January and October of 2014, a Swedish online housing portal called Hemnet, collected data from more than 200 million clicks, gathered from 20% of Sweden’s population. The idea was to create the ultimate image of democracy: a home built by the people, for the people. Affectionately called the House of Clicks, it represents the most popular specs of all houses clicked through on the site, spanning more than 86,000 listings.

The House of Clicks is a red wood-paneled cube. But it’s not just any red. It’s Falu red, a deep red native to Swedish barns and cottages that evokes an old-world feel. Inside is much different. The rustic sense is replaced by white-walled, open-concept rooms. According to the data, gray sofas, fireplaces, and stone countertops are must-haves. In total, the House of Clicks features four rooms spread across 1,115 square feet.

Head here for pictures of a home built by over a million.

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