Midnight Snappers, Fusiliers, and Triggers school in deep water, photographed in the waters off Kofiau. Photo © Jeff Yonover

Nature Conservancy’s blog,

We Can Have Oceans Teeming with Fish with FishFace Technology

By Lisa Feldkamp

Traditional methods of gathering fisheries data can take as long as one or two years, costing time and money that many imperiled global fisheries don’t have.Enter FishFace, a new application under development by The Nature Conservancy in partnership with Refind Technologies. Similar to facial recognition software used to identify people, FishFace uses artificial intelligence to learn to recognize fish species in photographs.

“When it comes to fisheries management,” Dr. Chris Gillies of The Nature Conservancy in Australia explains, “what sets apart the stocks that aren’t overfished is good data about the size and distribution of those fish.”FishFace will make fisheries data available in real time. The project is a finalist in the 2016 Google Impact Challenge: Australia with the potential to receive $750,000 in funding to trial FishFace in Indonesia’s snapper and grouper fisheries.Teach a Man to Fish (Sustainably)One in 12 people around the world make their living from fisheries or aquaculture and around 3 billion rely on fish as a primary source of animal protein. People need fisheries to thrive. Given the current state of the world’s fisheries, the old saying that advises one to “teach a man to fish” is no longer enough to feed the world’s growing population…


There is good news. We can bring back oceans teeming with fish so that we never have to face a world of collapsing fisheries and devastated ocean ecosystems. A recent study suggests that global fisheries can rebound in ten years if they follow the best management practices available. Currently, 90% of the world’s fisheries are data-limited, lacking sufficient data to make good management decisions.FishFace can fill the gap, giving people the data that they need in real time.

Read the whole article here.

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