Centennial Portraiture

Painted Desert by Cody Brothers

Since August this year a multitude of events have occurred to honor the 100th birthday of the U.S. National Park Service. Aside from the obviously wonderful wilderness experiences available in the country’s 58 parks, as well as our own National Park of the Week series on this site, there are cultural events that highlight the beauty and history of the amazing achievement that is the preservation of our national patrimony for future generations.

Photographers have documented the landscapes of our national parks from the moment the technology made it possible, and the haunting beauty of the panoramas draw artists, explorers and dreamers still.

National Endowment for the Arts grant recipient Cody Brothers is all three.

A photo exhibition, at The Capital Building in Washington DC showcases his work. 


Canyonlands by Cody Brothers

The exhibit, sponsored by the NPCA (National Parks Conservation Association) and the Springs Preserve of Las Vegas, NV, will be celebrating the 100 year anniversary of the National Parks. It will take place November 14th through the 18th in The Russell’s Rotunda at the Capital Building in Washington DC.

In expressing his love for America, Cody has devoted his life to photographing this country’s diverse and awe inspiring landscapes. He has been selected by the US Senate Rules Committee  to showcase 15 photographs of National Parks Service sites.

Each year the National Parks run the risk of losing funding; with congress pushing to scale down more of their annual budget. It was the work of master photographers, that brought the grandeur and beauty of the Parks to the attention of the public, which inspired millions to venture to see them first hand. Their images remind us how unique and priceless our national landscapes are. Cody’s work shares a common vision: the commitment to the conservation of America’s best idea; our National Parks.

Click here for the kickstarter project that will fund the exhibition and in turn, the national parks.

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