Today’s New York Times has an article that brings Ed Norton’s Crowdrise to our attention, both article (click headline below) and website (click image above) worth a look:

Charity That Begins With Spaghetti Sauce


06celebritygiv-norton-blog427Edward Norton recognized Paul Newman the philanthropist before discovering Paul Newman the actor. As a teenager, he watched his mother buy Newman’s Own products at the grocery store and was impressed that all profits went to charity.

“I thought — why would you buy any other spaghetti sauce if you can buy one where all of the net profits go to a kid’s cancer camp?” said Mr. Norton, who starredin “Birdman” and “The People vs. Larry Flynt.”

Inspired, Mr. Norton took an interest in environmental and charitable causes.

In 2010, he founded CrowdRise, a site that uses social networking and crowdsourcing to make it easier and less expensive to raise charitable donations. People post details about an event — like a marathon to raise money for cancer research or an individual requesting assistance to pay for surgery — and people donate online. Many celebrities, including Sean Penn, Lady Gaga, members of Pearl Jam and Jonah Hill have used CrowdRise for charitable or humanitarian causes.

Since it began, CrowdRise has raised almost half a billion dollars and benefited more than 30,000 nonprofit groups, according to Mr. Norton. “It’s been an amazing experience — and one of the more interesting and rewarding parts of my life,” he said…

Read the whole article here.

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