Villa Del Faro Morning Walk

vdfwalk1This post from yesterday reminds me of an early morning walk I took a few days ago with Seth and Jocelyn, when these two donkeys came wandering down the road. One seemed determined to get his head and shoulders portrait in the best possible light.

So I indulged him, and both seemed happy with a bit of nose-petting. No carrots, but never mind. When we continued our walk they started to follow, but then, nope. They wandered off in the opposite direction.

vdfwalk2Donkeys do that. A walk at dawn is the best way to know a place–at its quietest, and as per donkey logic, in the best possible light. I had arrived at Villa del Faro after a visit at Chan Chich Lodge, where dawn greets you with howler monkeys howling, and on a walk you will definitely hear a symphony of birdsong. At Villa del Faro you will hear birdsong, but different; at most it will be chamber music, more likely solos and duets.


You hear those songs on the property, a mix of sounds Seth has described in more detail than I can; and then they change as you choose to walk inland or along the beach. Also different from the lush tropical forest surrounding Chan Chich is the fragrance of the more desert-like conditions of Baja California Sur. Now that I review the photos on my phone from that walk, I am reminded of a commonality.


Wild cats are not as commonly seen at Villa del Faro, but they are there in the surrounding lands, and seeing footprints always makes my day. Butterflies will lead you to the sources of some of the most enchanting fragrances. We think of flowers as the most potent, but sometimes the plants in the desert are more herbal, as opposed to floral, and both have their charm in their respective contexts.


Villa del Faro has a perfect beachfront location, but the surrounding nature on the inland side of the property is worth a trek each morning.

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