Grrreat Print, Walton Ford


We  studiously avoid wading into the realm of popular music here, but today we make an exception. Not for the sake of the music itself (the greatest hits of a band celebrating 50 years of working together), but because we have just discovered that one of our favorite artists, featured here more than once, was the cover artist for the album above. Yes, we see we are a few years behind the times on this story, but better late than never when it comes to Walton Ford:

Rolling Stones Gorilla Logo Artist Slams Critics

Walton Ford offering limited-edition etching of widely seen gorilla logo

By  August 5, 2013

When the Rolling Stones were organizing their 50th anniversary celebrations, Mick Jagger approached his friend, contemporary artist Walton Ford – who has made a career painting naturalist scenes – to design a logo. In the Seventies spirit of the National Lampoon magazine and “grotesque underground comics,” Ford repurposed one of his sympathetic paintings of King Kong, adding the band’s famous tongue-and-lips logo. “I saw the Rolling Stones as a sort of silverback,” Ford tells Rolling Stone. “All the metaphors of King Kong and all of that are applicable – their kind of enormity of their accomplishment over the period of 50 years.”

The band loved the image. “The irreverence of Walton Ford’s imagery captured the spirit of the tour,” they said in a statement. They used it on the cover of their 50th anniversary compilation GRRR!, and in marketing their massive “50 and Counting” tour, at one point displaying the piece at 50 locations around the world.

But some fans weren’t as excited about the logo. “A lot of people didn’t like it at all,” Ford says. “That was good. I was glad that they didn’t like it. I mean, the last people who I wanted to please were Rolling Stones fans.” …

Read the whole story here.

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