Demanding Action From Those Accountable


Newly bleached coral on the Great Barrier Reef near Palm Island in February. Photograph: Australian Marine Conservation Society

We could not have said it better:

As the Great Barrier Reef faces the return of coral bleaching, why are Mantra, Accor and Marriott still silent on Adani?

By David Ritter

According to a blog post on the home page of the tourism giant Mantra Group, a “family holiday in Queensland would be incomplete without a visit to the beautiful Great Barrier Reef, the largest coral reef system in the world”.

Which raises the question, why isn’t the Mantra Group – one of Australia’s largest hotel and resort operators, with more than $8bn in asset management including a string of resorts in north Queensland – vociferous in demanding action to save the reef?

The question could not be more pertinent given the return of the threat of coral bleaching.

Mantra and other huge hospitality companies with interests on the reef, including Marriott and Accor, were conspicuously muted during the great bleaching of 2015-16. Nor have any of these companies spoken out strongly against the Carmichael coal mine proposal – despite the mortal threat that fossil-fuel expansion poses to the reef their businesses depend on.

As the Queensland Tourism Industry Council boss, Daniel Gschwind, told the Monthly: “It’s hard to see how the further development or expansion of the coal industry can support or in any way contribute positively to the future of the reef … There is no denying that the further extraction and burning of fossil fuels is a negative for the reef.”…

Read the whole story here.

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