Keeping It Green At Chan Chich Lodge


When I see a face like this I can only smile. I am not sure why, and I do not like to anthropomorphize animals, but this creature looks friendly, even a bit happy. Maybe because I am partial to the color green?

Even stretched out, I see something other than the malevolence that gets unfairly ascribed to snakes.


And this one stretches remarkably.


Thanks to guests at Chan Chich Lodge from Omaha (state of Nebraska, USA), who were on their third visit here a few weeks ago, for these photos. This time was a charm, considering their long-held hope for a cat sighting. So these photos of other animals were at first considered second class, but upon further examination, no; first class nature sightings.


I would not have expected this buddy photo below to have any kind of emotional impact, but they captured something wild, and it is growing on me.


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