Milpa To Mesa


My foraging around about food leads me to many small pleasures, and here is one. Thanks to Florence Fabricant for bringing my attention to Masienda, whose founder has the kitchen credibility you would expect to have a company have such a huge leap forward in such a short timeframe:

Masienda, a tortilla brand that is preferred by many chefs, is now selling its heirloom corn tortillas online. These tortillas, made from stone-ground nixtamalized corn, are sold frozen. They may look drab, but the tortillas more than compensate with an earthy, naturally nutty corn flavor that blooms when they are heated. The website also sells dried corn and beans: Masienda Heirloom Corn Tortillas, $3 per package of 12, in lots of six or 12 packages and shipped on Mondays and Wednesdays, Masienda Bodega,

Their website had my full attention at the first view of corn because, as we explore the farming side of our food programming it is clearly going to be central for us.


But I also like the message they share about themselves, as clear and concise as can be.


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