Tea Factory Tour

If you spend time in India, you are sure to have four or maybe five cups of tea a day.  A former British colony, India has absorbed many British customs, and tea drinking is certainly one of them.  As you drive throughout Kerala, you are bound to see numerous tea plantations on the beautiful hillsides, and Cardamom County offers you the opportunity to tour one of these plantations as well as its factory.  Take the tour and learn how the cup of tea you just enjoyed at All Spice Restaurant ended up in front of you.

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Rickman Time

If you have had the experience of seeing this man on stage, the eight minute clip below will come as no surprise.  Live on stage, he owns the interminable fuse and phenomenal explosion, both for comedic and dramatic (and sometimes both) effect.  He does something in a theater that film has not captured well. Until, trivially, now.  So bravo to the camera, and the person behind it, for finding Alan Rickman’s inner tea party gunpowder and lighting it: